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EDF Consulting Inc., d/b/a as EDF Communications (hereinafter referred to as EDF) is a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB). An international consulting firm, EDF provides strategic communications and public affairs counseling to organizations operating in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Eastern Europe, Eurasia and the Middle East. A multilingual firm, EDF offers extensive expertise in the design and implementation of sustainable public awareness and outreach programs as part of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and other efforts to support the development of the rule of law, democracy and governance, anti-corruption, access to justice, micro-enterprises and other similar development areas throughout the world.
  • Testimonials 

    EDF Communications' efforts to promote the Americas Linkage Program played a pivotal role in our success at obtaining additional public and private support to continue with the program in the coming years. We could not have asked EDF for more dedication and interest in seeing the program grow.

    Liane Ventura
    Senior Vice President, Leadership Programs and International Business Development
    Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

  • Testimonials 

    EDF Communications has been essential in helping us increase our media profile in a very short period of time, while simultaneously helping us develop a well-founded strategic communications initiative for the long-term.

    José Luis Valderrama
    President, Hispanic Group

  • Testimonials 

    We are very impressed with the professionalism and commitment EDF Communications has shown in helping raise awareness and funds for the International Kids Fund at the Holtz Children's Hospital. Its support in generating media coverage for some of our most urgent cases has been instrumental in our efforts to provide life-saving medical attention to disadvantaged children from Latin America and the Caribbean.

    Rolando D. Rodriguez
    President & CEO
    Jackson Memorial Foundation

  • Testimonials 

    The EDF team is much more than our strategic communications counselor in Latin America. They provide local support, cultural insights and work with each one of our local foundations to identify the best initiatives to help our kids. They have done a marvelous job at educating the public about our work and have definitely become part of our family.

    Bill Magee
    Chief Executive Officer and Founder
    Operation Smile

  • Testimonials 

    EDF Communications' training sessions and workshops in anti-corruption communications were informative, well organized and above all, have enabled our staff to use communications as an effective tool to raise awareness about the importance to fight corruption in our society.

    Tamuna Karosanidze
    Transparency International Georgia

  • Testimonials 

    EDF's communications and media relations training sessions were truly comprehensive. Their overall approach is very strategic and at the same time very easy to understand and follow. EDF's expertise on the subject matter is obvious. After completing the training, I had a better outlook on how our project could succeed.

    Yuri Gavryliuk
    Anti-Corruption Information Project Manager
    NGO Anticorruption Committee

  • Testimonials 

    EDF's media relations' training was of great value, and a real eye-opener. They taught us that media relations is a necessary discipline for our field, and that if approached systematically, there is much to be gained for our organization.

    Marcis Gobins
    Acting Director
    Transparency International Latvia – Delna

  • Testimonials  

    EDF has consistently demonstrated its commitment to IKF’s Wonderfund’s mission, ensuring the community is aware of the needs of the children we help. Their successful outreach efforts have helped secure funds to perform the life-changing surgeries these children have required. Because of its success in representing IKF, we also enlisted EDF to increase awareness about our Foundation. EDF’s work was top notch, developing creative story angles to maximize media coverage. We’re extremely thankful for EDF’s strategic support, passion for the cause and for being an extension of our team.

    Marisol García
    Director, External Relations
    Jackson Memorial Foundation


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