Corporate Citizenship

EDF’s involvement with non-profit organizations goes beyond a client work relationship, to one of hands-on volunteerism in various organizations. Since EDF's inception, our team has volunteered their time to Operation Smile, a worldwide children's medical charity whose network of global volunteers have treated more than 115,000 children born with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities. We have also been actively involved in providing pro-bono work for the International Kids Fund, which seeks to provide medical care to children from around the world who cannot be treated within their native country.  

Our staff has also participated in marathons, corporate runs and walk-a-thons that have raised money for the homeless, breast cancer, and leukemia, among other causes. As an institution, the firm has officially sponsored Team-in-Training marathon runners to raise money for leukemia patients.

At EDF, we believe in giving back and serving our local and international community. Whether it is helping patients and their families in preparation for a life-changing surgery, donating professional hours to a children's charity organization, or running to raise money for the homeless, EDF strives to help those in need.

Please click on the following link to view pictures and videos of the work we have done. See pictures and videos