Good Governance

EDF Communications offers extensive expertise in the design and implementation of sustainable public awareness and outreach programs worldwide.

Our work has included initiatives to support the development of the rule of law, democracy and governance, anti-corruption, access to justice, and microenterprises, as well as collaborations with a wide variety of government, civil society organizations and other stakeholders active in media and communication activities.

Below you will find the most recent projects we have developed for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) & Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC):

USAID Mobilizing Action Against Corruption (MAAC) Activity - Armenia

In Armenia, EDF worked with the USAID-funded Mobilizing Action Against Corruption (MAAC) Activity, assisting the Anti-Corruption Strategy Monitoring Commission (ACSMC) and the Government of Armenia in devising and implementing its internal and external communication strategies. Said EDF-developed strategies comprised custom-tailored activities aimed at both informing the general public about corruption-related issues and public-sector initiatives and engaging it in the fight against corruption. To provide the Armenian citizenry with greater access to information on their country’s anti-corruption activities, EDF also developed the layout, content and update procedures for the ACSMC website. Additionally, EDF designed a comprehensive public outreach strategy and implementation plan for the Advocacy and Assistance Center’s (AAC’s) corruption complaint offices, where citizens who had been victims of corrupt acts could walk or call in to receive free, confidential legal assistance. As part of the AAC initiative, EDF conducted several comprehensive anti-corruption communication and media trainings for the Armenian officials who managed day-to day operations for these centers, providing them with media and public outreach know-how to better carry out their objectives. Additionally, EDF designed and led trainings and projects aimed at improving journalists’ knowledge of petty corruption, raising awareness on its effects on society while providing investigative techniques they could use in their day-to-day work.

NGO Anticorruption Committee and Transparency International - Ukraine

EDF provided communication trainings to the NGO Anticorruption Committee of Ukraine and Transparency International (which is internationally recognized as the global leading anti-corruption watchdog organization) in Georgia, Latvia and Slovenia. To this end, EDF trained civil society personnel in the design of strategic communication strategies, crafting of key messages, segmentation of target audiences and development of effective communications tools. It also conducted media training workshops to better prepare spokespeople to effectively deliver messages to their intended audiences using various communication techniques.

MCC Threshold Country Plan Stage – II (TCP-II) - Paraguay

EDF worked with the USAID-funded Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Threshold Country Plan Stage - II (TCP-II) in Paraguay, assisting the Government of Paraguay (GOP) in implementing six project components aimed at reducing corruption and impunity. To that end, EDF conducted workshops with the project’s counterparts and participating institutions, such as the Prosecutor’s Office, National Police, Supreme Court, Comptroller General’s Office, Customs and Ministry of Industry and Commerce, among others. EDF designed and developed the project’s internal and external communications strategy, developed a proposed methodology and information gathering tool for conducting communication capability assessments of participating government institutions and provided ongoing technical assistance to the overall communication aspects of the project.

USAID Democracy Strengthening Program (DSP) - El Salvador

As part of the USAID Democracy Strengthening Program (DSP) in El Salvador, EDF carried out a variety of activities with project stakeholders, including the Government Ethics Tribunal (TEG), U.S. Embassy Office of Public Affairs, Department of Strategic Affairs’ Office of Transparency and Office of State Modernization, Office of the Attorney General, Ministry of Foreign Relations, Justice Sector’s Technical Unit and Prosecutor’s Office. EDF conducted a variety of communication trainings for TEG members, as well as other government agencies and civil society organizations (CSOs) involved in the DSP. Said trainings included: Strategic Communications Training, Internal and External Communications Training, Spokesperson Media Relations Training and Public Speaking Training. EDF also helped foster the concept of Public-Private Partnerships, providing organizations such as the Association for Private Enterprise with a capacity-building workshop showcasing techniques and best practices on how the private sector can effectively engage in the fight against corruption. Additionally, EDF developed a custom-tailored Media Management Guidelines Manual and a Spokespersons Guidelines Manual for the TEG.

USAID Transparency and Integrity Project - Guatemala

In Guatemala, EDF worked on the USAID Transparency and Integrity Project, where it conducted a communication capabilities assessment and designed a custom-tailored anticorruption communications strategy and implementation plan for the project. The EDF team worked with a variety of both government institutions and civil society organizations (CSOs) working to assist vulnerable populations, including minorities, indigenous groups, women, youth and children. Through these efforts, EDF assisted in building the internal and external communication capacities of many local institutions, enabling them to effectively respond to their constituencies.

USAID Development / Training / Technical Assistance Programs - Nicaragua

EDF provided assistance in strengthening the organizational capacities of the headquarters and municipal affiliates of the Fundación para el Desarrollo Socio Económico Rural (Foundation for Rural Socioeconomic Development, or FUNDESER) in the area of communications. EDF created a customized communications strategy to guide the organization during its economic recovery, assessing their needs by working on the ground in various municipalities. EDF designed internal and external organizational strategies, as well as tools and procedures for effective communications. EDF provided counseling on improving the organization’s human resource management and developed a Communications Manual; it conducted training workshops on the Manual’s implementation, systems and procedures; and developed a Performance Monitoring Plan to track and evaluate the strategy’s process.

As part of another USAID-funded project in Nicaragua, EDF increased the capacities of a variety of local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in different municipalities in the area of communications, improving their corresponding systems and strategies. EDF provided capacity-building trainings to more than 20 NGOs on a broad range of communication aspects, including media outreach, communications strategy development, crisis communications, institutional materials development, social media, effective website use and internal communications.

MCC Threshold Program – Justice Strengthening Project (JSP) - Rwanda

EDF also worked on the USAID-funded Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Threshold Program - Justice Strengthening Project (JSP) in Rwanda. EDF provided technical communications support and counsel, assisting the JSP in the creation of its communications strategy and implementation plan. To that end, EDF conducted meetings with a variety of project stakeholders, gathering the necessary information and identifying key issues for the development of an integrated communications strategy. Additionally, EDF provided counsel and sample communication materials to local JSP Staff regarding USAID’s and MCC’s branding guidelines. EDF also developed and presented proposed promotional activities to assist in the effective distribution of a project-related documentary film to the Rwandan citizenry, and assisted the Program in developing its boilerplate text, as well as project-related talking points to be used during media covered events.

USAID Judicial Reform Project - Jordan

Working with USAID-funding in collaboration with the American Bar Association in Jordan on the Judicial Reform Project, EDF developed a strategy to raise awareness among the Jordanian public on the benefits of using legal mediation to solve their conflicts, in turn alleviating the burden on the Jordanian legal system. Developed by EDF, the messaging in these communication initiatives highlighted how alternative dispute resolutions better enable judges to carry out their fundamental task of delivering justice, thus increasing public satisfaction with the court system. EDF’s plan also aimed at promoting judicial ethics and accountability among Jordan’s legal institutions and included messaging for training journalists on the importance of legal mediation for Jordanian society.

USAID Justice Reform & Modernization Program (JRMP) – Colombia

In Colombia, EDF worked on the implementation of the USAID Justice Reform Modernization Program, where it oversaw the Program’s communications strategy and provided support to its stakeholders. EDF designed the Program’s communications strategy and ensured all individual activities were aligned with the overall communication objectives, particularly as they related to providing greater access to justice for vulnerable groups and helping establish trust in the justice system, especially in areas with high levels of violence and security risks. EDF also oversaw the development of the Project’s publications, managed and created content for its website, analyzed editorial coverage related to the justice sector and provided technical support to the Superior Judicial Council Communications & Outreach Office. EDF worked with the Ministry of Justice, Superior Judicial Council, Offices of the Inspector General and Ombudsman to assess their communication capabilities and develop a communications strategy for each institution. EDF also conducted workshops and training sessions with representatives from these public entities to establish the parameters for a communications approach for the judicial sector. Additionally, EDF worked on outreach efforts for the opening of more than 50 Justice Houses, collaborating with national institutions and local authorities to carry out this initiative in vulnerable municipalities throughout the country. EDF also provided communications training to youth, women, a variety of ethnic groups and other CSOs, empowering them to advocate for greater access to justice.

USAID Criminal Justice System Project (CJSSP) - Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, EDF is currently working on USAID’s Criminal Justice System Project (CJSSP), where it has conducted five in-country consultations thus far, providing technical assistance involving strategic communications counsel, in-depth institutional communications capabilities assessments and strategic digital advisory. To that end, EDF has conducted in-depth assessments of institutional communications capabilities of and provided strategic communications counsel to government institutions such as the: Supreme Court of Justice, Attorney General’s Office, National Police, Public Ministry District Attorney’s Office and National Office of Public Defense, as well as civil society organizations including: Citizen Participation, the local chapter of Transparency International; the Justice and Institutionality Foundation, a leading NGO in the justice sector; the Center for Orientation and Research, a non-profit organization promoting the rights of vulnerable groups; and Patronage to Help Battered Women, an NGO focused on preventing violence against women. EDF also conducted capacity building media/spokesperson trainings for numerous spokespeople from related institutions, including more than 40 judges and other Supreme Court officials and the National Police Chief of Police, and has served as the lead communications counsel for the Community Justice Houses (CJH) initiative, a project focused on providing access to justice for many disenfranchised sectors of the Dominican population.

USAID Haiti Recovery Initiative (HRI) - Haiti

In Haiti, EDF collaborated on the Haiti Recovery Initiative (HRI), a USAID/Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) -funded project designed to support short- and medium-term activities to stabilize the country by supporting community revitalization, improving governance and increasing citizen engagement. EDF was pivotal in the creation of the HRI’s Mid-Term Report, helping it gather lessons learned at both the individual and program-wide levels, documenting success stories to highlight these lessons, which could be applicable to other OTI programs. Through gathering photography and graphic design production for the Mid-Term Report into a coffee-table–like book, EDF visually demonstrated OTI’s overall program impact and success in reaching the established HRI program objectives.

USAID/Youth Violence Prevention Project - Latin America and the Caribbean

EDF is currently working with Democracy International, providing strategic counsel and support on the communications strategy for their Youth Gang Violence project in Latin America and the Caribbean. EDF developed a communications strategy and created a list of other youth violence projects to use as reference points. It is also providing ongoing strategic communications counsel to Democracy International and the USAID Latin America Washington Bureau.